December 18, 2019

Time with Friends and Fans

It’s Thursday evening here in Vienna and I’m recollecting the amazing events of the almost two weeks in Austria. It’s been an exciting time for us as Tina came with me and got to shop and I got to sing! 

We’ve had many opportunities to spend time with friends and fans and to sing our gospel songs to many Austrians and Germans who came to Vienna to see the shows. One special friend came all the way from Paris. Genevieve is very supportive of our music and we always enjoy seeing her. Another friend came and sat on the front row, enjoying the music. She lives with a painful hip which will eventually have to be replaced but you would never know she’s in pain unless you ask her. God bless her and heal her of this debilitating malady. 

We’ve sung for Christmas parties, Lion’s Club dinners, as well as a few concerts. 

While here, we ran into Brian Sullivan, anchor and Senior National Correspondent for CNBC Business News. We were in the hotel and he found out we were there. He is a huge Elvis fan and knew of the Imperials. He was so very appreciative of meeting us. He knew we had sung with Elvis and just wanted to hear some Elvis stories. We took a picture with him and he invited us to tour CNBC if we ever came to NYC. He said he would be sure to tell his Dad he met me. His Dad is a huge Imperials fan. 

One highlight was the concert at the Minoriten Church in downtown Vienna. In the past, we’ve sung in huge cathedrals with high ceilings that couldn’t be heated. That was the case last year. I wore gloves onstage. This church has beautiful gothic architecture and was packed. We sang with only the piano and the acoustics were amazing! We learned Silent Night in German and the Austrian people loved our attempts at learning their language. Singing Sweet Spirit in that church without the microphones was a very special moment too.

Our host, Dennis Jale, secured an interview on an Austrian television show for us and him. The host interviewed us on my association with Elvis and our history of singing the gospel with Elvis in his penthouse. 

If I get over this cold, on Sunday, our last day here, Tina and I, Will and Shavona Shaw will take the train to Salzburg, Austria, for the day. 

So Monday morning early we board the plane for home. I must say the Austrian people are so warm and friendly. You can walk down the streets of Vienna at night and never fear for your safety. 

Thanks to Dennis Jale for always being such a great host and for Maren who always helps to work out the details for Dennis. 

August 17, 2018

Gospel Music Can Change Your Life

The Imperials Now LP was recorded in 1968 and it contained many great songs, but one of the best was a song called Reach Out to Jesus. The message contained in that song is powerful. The first verse says, “Is your burden heavy as you bear it all alone?  Does the road you travel harbor dangers yet unknown? Are you growing weary in the struggle of it all? Jesus will help you when on his name you call.” The chorus, “He is always there, hearing every prayer, faithful and true. Walking by your side, in his love we hide, all the day through. When you get discouraged, just remember what to do. Reach out to Jesus; he’s reaching out to you”. What a wonderful thought for those who are struggling in their lives. Is that you?  You can Reach Out to Jesus because He’s reaching out to YOU. That is what makes gospel music life-changing. Music can make you smile or it can make you cry. Gospel music can change your life!

Elvis heard this song and included it on his He Touched Me LP that was received so well. It will be the very next song we record and we will make it a part of our new program for 2019.

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