Happy Birthday Terry

My birthday is today! We are celebrating tonight here in PCB Florida and I’m thankful for faith in God and family that loves and supports me. 
Last Sunday was a very special day for me. I had been invited to sing for a long-time friend, Mike Rose, Minister of Music at First Baptist Church, Murray KY. Tina and I and our daughter, Leah, arrived in Murray on Saturday night. The early service on Sunday started at 8:30 and I had to be there at 7:45 for soundcheck. The audience was mostly seniors because as you know, seniors get up early. They were there and I sang for them. Then, there was a more contemporary worship service at 11:00 for the young college students and younger couples. I sang and played a worship song I love, 10,000 Reasons. 

The afternoon concert started at 5 pm and I was ready! I had rehearsed my songs over and over that preceding week so I was prepared. I did new songs, old songs, and interspersed them with stories of my childhood, my college days, my experience of joining the Imperials, and my years with Elvis. The audience was very receptive. Mike had said the church doesn’t usually have an evening worship service so he was pleased with the crowd. 

I had no idea what I was going to say but I had prayed and asked God for help and He came through once again. We ended the concert with How Great Thou Art with the entire church body singing along with me as I played and sang it from the piano. 

Mike told me on Thursday after the Wednesday night service that he had so many “thank you’s” from members who told him how appreciative they were of my visit. One older lady asked him to ask me if I would send every cd I had so she could listen and pick out the ones she wanted to keep. She said my music had inspired her dormant musical past and rekindled her love for good Christian music. 

I can’t explain the feelings I had after Mike called. I have a renewed interest in pursuing my calling and singing to God’s people. I am also called to sing to the wonderful people in Europe who have the Imperials at least three or four times a year. 

The message I left with that crowd Sunday night was, “bloom where you are planted. Go through doors God opens. You never know what God will do with a willing servant.