Gospel Music Can Change Your Life

The Imperials Now LP was recorded in 1968 and it contained many great songs, but one of the best was a song called Reach Out to Jesus. The message contained in that song is powerful. The first verse says, “Is your burden heavy as you bear it all alone?  Does the road you travel harbor dangers yet unknown? Are you growing weary in the struggle of it all? Jesus will help you when on his name you call.” The chorus, “He is always there, hearing every prayer, faithful and true. Walking by your side, in his love we hide, all the day through. When you get discouraged, just remember what to do. Reach out to Jesus; he’s reaching out to you”. What a wonderful thought for those who are struggling in their lives. Is that you?  You can Reach Out to Jesus because He’s reaching out to YOU. That is what makes gospel music life-changing. Music can make you smile or it can make you cry. Gospel music can change your life!

Elvis heard this song and included it on his He Touched Me LP that was received so well. It will be the very next song we record and we will make it a part of our new program for 2019.

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