Your Relationship With Christ

I am back home enjoying the peace and quiet of home. We’ve had one little change since I got back. I bought a nine week old Labradoodle puppy, and he’s turned our world around. I wasn’t sure we would even keep him as my daughter wasn’t on board with this and my middle son wasn’t either. I will say, after two days, I thought maybe I would sell him, as we leave for Florida vacation next Monday for a week and we can’t take him with us. Then, December 2, the Imperials fly to Switzerland to begin our Christmas tour. What to do with this sweet puppy?  I ran an ad on Craigslist and got one sweet lady who wanted him desperately. Now I’m not sure I have the heart to sell him. He’s brought such joy and life to our home. My wife, Tina, has been battling pneumonia and thrush for two weeks but has finally turned the corner, thanks to many prayers offered up for her and the medicine. I’ve never seen her this sick before. I’m thankful for doctors as they do marvelous work, but I’ve heard it said that doctors don’t heal; they just remove the impediments to God’s healing that always works. I believe that. All healing is God ordained and inspired. Doctors are a great help in that process, and for that I’m grateful.  I will keep you posted.

On a darker note, I was saddened by the loss of a friend who sang with me years ago in Andrus, Blackwood, and Co. David Hassell was a vital part of our group for two years, playing keyboards and singing harmonies. After he left us, he went to work for Lifeway, the Southern Baptist organization in Nashville and his creativity flourished there. Unfortunately, they cut back on personnel and he had to leave. Since then he’s taken several different jobs, got married and had two beautiful children, Mamie and Jude. He died of complications from breaking his ankle and from that, developed a blood clot that went to his heart and took his life last week. Please pray for his children. We know David is in heaven, as he worked his entire life to share the love of Christ with those around him. We will miss you, David, but God had different plans for you. Now you are enjoying the bliss of heaven and can be sure your two children are in the watchful eyes of our loving Father.

Life is unpredictable. You never know how long you have. Be sure you have your heart right with God and are ready for eternity should your time come. Your relationship with Christ is the only thing that really matters.