God Works in Mysterious Ways

We just returned from a two-week tour of Denmark and Poland and I am a bit weary of travel by air. I guess I could have gone by boat and been on the ocean for three weeks!  Then I would still have had to fly home from the east coast. Besides, I and the ocean don’t get along very well.

I don’t know why God chose us for this task. While I’m humbled and honored to be there, it is very tough on my body. Sleep doesn’t come easily for me even when I’m home and when I’m in a strange bed in a foreign country, seven hours earlier than my body clock thinks it is, I am clearly facing a difficult situation. I also realize the great responsibility God has placed on me to represent Him to people who don’t even go to church, or if they do, it’s usually Catholic. Our wonderful host in Poland is a devout Catholic, with six children and a very beautiful and supportive wife. I don’t know why he took to us except I think he sensed something in us that drew us to him. We did a show with him in January of this year and he decided he wanted to do a whole show of gospel in the town of Rzeszow. We sang with a 30 voice choir who knew every song we did, and a four-piece college band that was amazing! There’s so much talent in the world that goes undiscovered.

I wonder what will be the result of our trip halfway around the world to Poland? Why were we chosen? God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. We didn’t preach to anyone because we’re not preachers but shared our lives and our music to the Polish people. I got a chance on the night before to share my experiences with Elvis and I worked that invitation into a testimony of why I was there. God chose me to do this. Elvis was the vehicle through which God used. We were seed planters but it is God who gives the increase.  I pray our trip is fruitful for God’s kingdom and that we will hear of great things happening for months and years to come.