Just last week

Just last week I was the guest singer for senior adults at a local church. There were approximately 125 people in attendance. They have a guest once a month to either sing or speak and I had never sung for them before in that particular setting. It was a very positive experience for me and I think for them as well. I have some observations I would like to share after singing for these amazing people. Some people are old at 45 and some remain young at 85.  Many of these were still young at heart. They laughed with me and they entered into the singing enthusiastically.  I’ve seen some seniors get old and bitter but mostly I’ve seen seniors get sweeter.  Life’s experiences have made them very wise about things they have learned that have made them stronger Christians. There is wisdom in knowing what NOT to do and say as well. We’ve all learned that lesson, I hope. I believe there is a vast source of wisdom the young could utilize if they would just sit at the feet of their grandmother or grandfather, or an older adult they feel comfortable with. Unfortunately, today the youth seem to think they know all they need to know and because they’ve not experienced life as we have, they are unteachable. They have their cell phones to talk to friends about experiences but that doesn’t equip them for the years ahead that will be kind to some but cruel to others.


If I could have a platform to speak to the world I would say, listen and heed the words of your elders, and to the greatest textbook for life ever written. The Bible contains all the wisdom a person would ever need to navigate the twists and turns of life. God told us how to live a productive and meaningful life through His word, but most are too busy living life to actually understand who they really are and why they are here. Many seniors who follow Christ know the answers to those questions but unfortunately, they’re never asked by the young. That’s a big reason I’m still here. I have a huge opportunity and responsibility to tell as many as I can that life can be a great opportunity to discover why you were created and what God wants you to do with your life. I’m truly blessed.