May 29, 2021

Soon to be released Andrus, Blackwood & Co DVD

June 1, 2021

Post COVID days are here now. We survived in spite of this virus that inflicted death and harm to so many people around the world. Many businesses and families were affected but the worst aspect of this virus was the fear it put in the hearts of Americans. There’s a scripture found in 2 Timothy 1:7 that says “God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” I choose to not live in fear but to rely on common sense and God’s word for safety and peace of mind.

Due to COVID, there’s not been much singing going on and that’s a sad side effect that many forget. Singing songs of praise lifts the heart and soul to the throne of God and gives us a different perspective on our circumstances. God, who made us, can protect us from harm if we put our trust in Him and be sensible in how we conduct ourselves.

Most of my singing has been done in local recording studios. We sang a full day’s session for a Norwegian singer that went very well. Just a week later, we did another full day’s singing for our good friend, Rev. Carroll Roberson. He has a ministry that covers the globe. He writes many of his songs and then films them for his television show. One of the many songs he wrote is entitled, One Pair of Hands, and many people think Elvis is singing. He has never tried to sound like Elvis, but there’s something about us Mississippi boys. We seem to sound alike to some degree. You can find this song on YOUTUBE. Look it up. I think you will be blessed by this anointed song.

I have my edited DVD which is in the process of being duplicated. There are three concerts of Andrus, Blackwood & Co included on this DVD. So many people have said if I find footage of our concerts, please make them available, as they would LOVE to have one. I was able to get three concerts transferred from old tapes that had to be baked before they could be transferred to the DVD format. It was quite a process but was worth all the effort and expense. What we have now is the ONLY concert video of ABC available anywhere!

The first video was done at the Grand Ole Opry in the early 80’s in a concert series called Gospel meets Country. The second video was done at a church in Dallas, TX, and it has some never before seen footage of the popular comical song we sang, If Your Hair’s Too Long There’s Sin in Your Heart. We also have some anointed praise and worship songs as well.

The last video of ABC was filmed in Chicago at an outdoor park in 1985. It was the last concert of the group and contains the only available live version of the song, Jesus, You’re So Wonderful. The video was not done by a professional videographer, but he captured the essence of that song on stage with three participating young people from the audience. It was SO MUCH FUN and a very special moment in time has been captured. So many have done this song in their local church youth groups. I think if you were a fan of ABC, you will LOVE this DVD. It should be available and on the website in a few weeks.

We have some exciting events coming up and I’ll be letting you know about them soon. Until then, stay positive. God is working and moving in the hearts of His people as we turn to Him as the source of all blessing! Remember to pray 2 Chron. 7:14 for this great country.

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