February 21, 2020

Final days of the European tour

We are winding up our three-week tour of Austria, Slovenia, and Switzerland this weekend. Vienna was lovely as usual and it’s my favorite city in all of Europe. The people are so friendly and the city has almost no homeless on the streets. It’s a very prosperous city as well. On this tour, I was made an honorary citizen of Vienna. They gave me a little gold emblem to signify my new title. They call me “Sir Richard” now!  I don’t take it seriously though, because when I get home, I will revert to being just DAD again to my children. 

Our visit to Slovenia was very impressive! We had a great concert with the localhost, Samual Hudl. He sang and his band played and then Dennis and his band, the Jam Gang, the Imperials, the Holladay Sisters, Glen D. Hardin, Paul Leim on drums, (one of the best I’ve ever heard) and Donna Presley, Elvis’ cousin, all came on stage. We had a great time in Ljubljana, Slovenia and were surprised to have two visitors at the show, the US ambassador to Slovenia, Mrs. Lynda C. Blanchard and her husband were there for most of the show and after the show, she invited us to the embassy for a visit the next day. So, we drove over there that next morning and had about a 30-minute audience with her and all our group. President Trump nominated her to that post. She and her husband are graduates of Auburn University so we felt right at home with two southerners. She gave us symbols of our visit there and I will include pictures of that visit. 

The U.S. Embassy in Slovenia
Another view of the U.S. Embassy in Slovenia

The next morning, Sam drove us down to the Adriatic Sea coast where we visited a beautiful hotel that may be in the plans for a TCB weekend in 2021. I will have pictures of that visit on this blog. You will want to contact Dennis Jale or check on our FB site for information for that. I hope you will make plans to attend.

Hotel on the Adriatic Sea

Thanks to Dennis Jale, Maren, to Sam Hudl, to Jacqueline Raphael, and all who were a part of this experience. 

I will be working on new material for August, two new songs possibly, and we are planning on working with a well-known country artist who wants to do a gospel album. I will let you know when it comes to fruition. 

I will be releasing the last CD Sherman and I made called Holiday. Sherman has had it available on his website now for two years and I will add it to mine as well. I just put one song on our FB site that I wrote called I Can Do All Things. I think it’s one of the best CD’s we ever did. Sherman and I both were stretched vocally to do things we had never done before but I’m glad our producer, John Rosasco, pushed us. The result was far more than we had ever hoped. 

Watch for it soon on my website at terryblackwood.com/store.  

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