October 18, 2019

Memorable Moments

The Imperials just returned from our weekend in Bad Homburg, Germany where we were guests at the Steigenberger Hotel. Our host was Dennis Jale, and we had many memorable moments for the weekend. Other personalities, besides the Imperials, were Paul Leim, great drummer, Glen D Hardin, pianist and orchestrator of many Elvis tunes, the Holladay sisters, who were there for the very first time. They were on the Memphis sessions which included the great songs, Suspicious Minds, In the Ghetto, Kentucky Rain, Hunk of Burning Love and the Wonder of You, and many more. Ginger and Mary Holladay were a welcome addition to the show. Also, Donna Presley, Elvis’ cousin was there to tell stories of her times with her cousin, Elvis, as a young girl. The Jam Gang, Dennis’s band were great as usual. 

We arrived on Thursday afternoon to the hotel from 36 hours of no sleep. We got a two- hour nap before our dinner at 6 pm that night. On Friday, the fans came pouring in and it was bedlam from then until Sunday afternoon. We had a meet and greet, pictures taken, and interviews with the press that day. 

On Friday, we had an extended rehearsal in the afternoon, with just enough time to get ready for the show. We were on stage, rehearsed and ready for the 8 pm show. Some of the songs we had never sung before rehearsal so it was a challenge for all of us. The crowd loved the songs and the new format. We sang and played until around 10 pm with no intermission! Then we had another greeting for the rest of the fans who we hadn’t spoken to before. They all wanted pictures and signatures and we were happy to oblige. We were up until at least 1 pm that night and sleep was hard to come by as I had to be up at 7 am for breakfast and to get ready for the gospel concert at 11 am. 

It couldn’t have been better! We had a very receptive audience and many nice comments were made. I will include a few photos and comments from the weekend.  

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