August 9, 2018

One Thing You Can Count on in Life

The one thing you can count on in life is change. It happens whether you like it or not. You can adapt to those changes or you can let them affect your life negatively. You can grow from those changes or you can let them stunt your growth. As lead singer for the Imperials, we had to deal consistently with change. New releases meant putting our lives and hearts on trial for the public to decide if we were still worthy of a listen. Your last release might be your best, OR you might have a new crop of great material and arrangements that solidified your base and added new fans. We had the advantage now of having three albums done and they were all popular with our fans. We never compromised the message for popularity. When we got a chance to sing on national TV, we chose songs with an eternal message that would impact the TV audience for our Lord Jesus Christ.

The change came in 1970 when Roger Wiles left and Greg Gordon replaced him. The only album Greg was on was Time To Get It Together. I told you about it and you got the photo of him with us. Greg’s short span with us was unfortunate. He was a great singer and added much to the group. However, he was a little immature at the time. He liked to play tricks on us and got a real charge out of fooling us.  I can remember him crouching down in the well of the front of the bus and waiting patiently on the rest of us to come out to the bus after a meal. As we opened the door, he would jump out and yell like a little school boy. He was so much fun and yet unpredictable. To this day, I consider his contribution to the group to be significant and I miss his lighthearted, easy and comical approach to life. So if you want to pick up that cd of Time To Get It Together, it’s on my website at

Have a great week.

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