August 17, 2015

On Tour August 2015

What a wonderful time we’re having on the road! One of my favorite things to do is perform all over the world! What a privilege to be with the audiences and to share our music!¬†We just finished our gospel program here in Bad Nauheim, Germany. We were here as guests of EPG and the 14th Annual Elvis Festival. I must say this was one of the most memorable concerts we have ever done and we won’t forget the warmth and the encouragement of the fans from all over Europe. You are so appreciated by the Imperials and we hope to do this again. We will be in Vienna Austria Dec 11 and 12, 2015, God willing, at the Metropole with Dennis Jale. Please come to Vienna. It’s a most beautiful city especially decorated at Christmas.

In 1956 1957 Elvis made his home in Bad Nauheim while Elvis was in the Army. The Festival is attended by scores of people celebrating Elvis.

From a local newspaper:

One tour guide described the city as “Elvis Reloaded” this year ahead of the 38th anniversary of the star’s death on Sunday.

Residents and visitors are all shook up with rock and roll contests, a Cadillac old-timer tour, a “Peggy Sue” fashion show and the much-anticipated concerts of American musicians who once performed alongside Elvis.

“It is always good to be here,” guitarist James Burton, who played in the TCB band with Elvis from 1969 until 1977, told reporters Thursday. Burton was joined by pianist Glen D. Hardin and The Imperials singer Terry Blackwood, who both worked with the star during his career.

When Elvis lived in Germany between 1958 and 1960, he brought “tolerance, fairness and happiness to Bad Nauheim,” said Beatrix van Ooyen. It’s a great experience to be in Bad Nauheim and one of the privileges of the tour! Here’s a local glimpse of the news story of the Festival.

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